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Driving through Oregon, a visitorís guide to Oregonís scenic drives
Driving through Oregon, a visitorís guide to Oregonís scenic drives
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Some may say, that the best vacation is the one where you are not wishing to get from one point to another in the least amount of time. That certainly takes up a lot of quality time from your vacation away. Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses. Driving through Oregon is the best option for people who are not just interested in visiting tourist spots here and there after driving for hours but those who would like to see a lot of beautiful things while driving. It makes the trip well worth it.

The longest and most impressive Oregon drive, would probably be the Pacific Coast. There are many seaside resorts along this drive. It’s fun for the family who just won’t settle for staying in one place for the entire vacation. The coast is free and accessible for everyone in Oregon. The entire Oregon coastline is a great vacation. There are plenty of fishing villages, shopping villages, tourist landmarks and cultural experiences. There are many lighthouses along the coast and natural landmarks that are some of America’s favorite photo spots, likeHaystack Rock, the Devil’s Punch Bowl and the sand dunes in Florence. You can take action shots of sandboarders here at Florence.

The second longest drive in Oregon would be the Time Scenic Byway. The State Scenic Byway would take you to the early days of the pioneers as you go through the towns their settlements built. There are plenty of stories and rich history of these towns. In fact, there are even stories from centuries past that have left their marks on the present, such as the John Day Fossil Beds. These hills are carved smoothly and expose layers of soil that show off red streaks and other hues. Nature enthusiasts enjoy taking the interpretive trails here.

The third longest drive would be on the West Cascades Scenic Byway. This is where you could spot volcanic peaks and the remnants of their eruptions in the past. The landscape is just picturesque and breathtaking. There are also plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiasts here as well. There are forests and waterfalls. When you hear waterfalls and the river, you might instantly think of whitewater rafting or fishing.

Whether or not you intend to drive the scenic routes of Oregon, whatever you vacation entails, you will surely be impressed by the nature around you as you travel within Oregon.