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Driving through Oregon, a visitorís guide to Oregonís scenic drives
Driving through Oregon, a visitorís guide to Oregonís scenic drives
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There are many scenic byways in Oregon for those who are seeking the beauty of nature at it’s finest. Taking a camera with you is highly recommended when visiting Oregon, even as you are driving from one attraction to another. We would like to offer some of the best places to take pictures in Oregon. As you vacation in Oregon, you will be inspired by the awesome beauty that surrounds you as you realize that you you simply cannot rush from one place to another. You just can’t help but make stops now and then to appreciate the spectacular views. It is breathtaking.

Driving through the Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon will take you through the long winding road next to the majestic Columbia Gorge. This road takes you to the Vista House situated in Crown Point State Park. You will be awed by the panoramic view of the gorge itself. On the way down, there are a series of waterfalls that you’ll see along the way including the popular Multnomah Falls. The next places you’ll pass are Bonneville Dam, Hood River and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. The best time to go through this route is in the spring and fall, preferably on weekdays to avoid the crowds. The driving time is approximately three to five hours.

If you prefer a route through many recreational facilities, you will find first-class fishing, camping and hiking at the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. Here can see Mount Bachelor and its reflection on the mile-high lake. There are many lakeside resorts that offer comfortable rooms or just a quick stop for an ice cream cone. This route is shorter than the Historic Columbia River Highway and the best time to go there would be from June to October.

If you’re up for a longer drive, you can travel along the coast of Oregon. There are many seaside resorts, fishing communities and natural landmarks that you will see on this 350 mile drive along the Pacific Coast. Recommended points to see are Haystack Rock, Devil’s Punch Bowl and the sand dunes of Florence that has become famous to sandboarders. The coast is dotted by many lighthouses as well. The best time to go whale watching would be from winter to spring. If you happen to be there during the winter season, you can witness the raging waves against the coastline when there is a storm. This is a favorite winter activity for many in Oregon.

There are many scenic places in Oregon worth visiting especially if you love taking plenty of pictures. There are many fantastic places that you could see in a relatively short time.