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Wineries and wine tasting in Oregon
Wineries and wine tasting in Oregon
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There is an abundance to be explored by tourists who are interested in wine tasting in Oregon. There are plenty of wineries that offer a range of wines from different grapes. There are also many breweries that offer beer sampling made in Oregon. Though they’re mostly scattered throughout Oregon, you can take a peek at the best that this state has to offer in six days. Here are some wineries and breweries that are definitely worth your visit.

The Willamette Valley is Oregon's largest wine region. This region spans from Portland in northern Oregon to Eugene, which is over 100 miles. Most of this region's wineries are located west of Interstate 5.

The largest concentration of Oregon wineries is located in the Northern portion of this region. A great starting place for your wine tour in Oregon is Downtown Portland. Portland is mostly known to NBA fans as the home of the Trail Blazers. Though it’s easy to assume it’s the capital of Oregon, it isn’t. Salem is. Portland has a selection of wine bars downtown and in the Pearl District. Along with the fine wines, you can also appreciate the local art scene and visit the Portland Performing Arts Center.

The wine country here is right in Newberg and Dundee. You might find yourself a little indecisive when you see the many wineries to visit here. You will have quite a selection of tasteful wines indeed. It might not be enough to do in a single day for people who really love tasting fine wines.
As you drive the roads south from here, there will be plenty of vineyards in sight. You can stop at Monmouth and take a walk through the Jensen Arctic Museum. You can also visit the Deepwood Estate in Salem, the Queen Anne home built in 1894 and of course the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. The kids would definitely love seeing the Gilber’s Discovery Village in the same area.

Further south is Eugene. Along with many more art galleries, there are plenty more wineries. The tasting rooms there are just waiting for visitors like you to sample some more of Oregon’s finest wines. It’s even better if you also time your visit with local festivals such as the Oregon Country Fair and the Art & the Vineyard.
Grants Pass in Oregon is right in Umpqua, home to many Native American Indians. There are plenty more wineries along Highway 199. Not only can you enjoy some more wines here, there’s a beautiful scenic view while you drive. It’s so beautiful that many artists have been inspired to move and work here. If time allows, I suggest you visit the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Oregon’s climate has made the wine industry a very popular and satisfying activity for visitors to Oregon.