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Travel Along the Coast of Oregon
Travel Along the Coast of Oregon
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Oregon has a long coastline that is entirely open and accessible to the public. There are many activities vacationers can enjoy on the seaside of this state. There are things to see and do along the seaside in every seasons from whale watching, storm watching, visiting lighthouses, seeing sea lions in their natural habitat, enjoying water sports or simply flying a kite.

Each of the coastal cities in Oregon have a distinct character. In the north is Astoria where the first Europeans in the state made a permanent settlement. South of Astoria is Cannon Beach where there are many art galleries. Haystack Rock is just a short drive from here. Haystack is considered the third largest among the monoliths in the world. This rock formation in the water is beautiful and serene, and also happens to be the most photographed attraction in the state. Further down is the town of Tillamook which is famous for it’s cheddar cheese and other products from their dairy farms. Visitors can tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory and sample some of their cheese and ice cream.

If you’re into kite flying, go to Lincoln City on the 45th parallel and see hundreds of kites up in the air. You can rent one or buy one. You can even watch skilled masters fly their kites. This spot is perfect for kite flying because it’s the best place for the warm equatorial air and the cold polar air to mix and creating the best winds for flying kites. Each year there are many kite festivals here. In other towns like Seaside or Cannon Beach, they also have sand castle building competitions.

You can visit the family friendly town of Seaside. It’s right on the beach. There is plenty of lodging here that are particularly suitable for families on a trip along the coast of Oregon.

Driving further south will take you to Newport Beach where you can take an ocean day cruise. This is where you can go whale watching year round. The best time to do so actually is in the autumn and winter where the whales are migrating south annually. You can also visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center to view the wildlife and the flora and fauna in Oregon’s waters.

Seafood along the coast of Oregon is another experience worth trying. The seafood is extremely fresh. You might consider trying a Chinook Steak before leaving Oregon. This Salmon dish is one of their signature dishes that their chefs have specialized over the years.