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Oregon in nature, beautiful and breathtaking
Oregon in nature, beautiful and breathtaking
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Oregon is blessed with a diverse landscape from the seaside right to the east. Many people say that it is the most beautiful state in the United States when it comes to geography, environmental quality and sites of cultural interests. There’s definitely something to enjoy for everyone. I believe Oregon is under-rated because I personally think it would have made a much more spectacular Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings than New Zealand. Sorry, Kiwis.

The seaside offers a lot of activities and sights to enjoy in whatever season. Whale watching is a fun past time activity in this area. Sea lions could be seen in their natural habitat. Best of all, the coastline is accessible to the public, free of charge. The coastline is dotted by many lighthouses. There are many fishing communities in this area where there are plenty of restaurants and lodging. In the winter season, huge waves from the sea are perfect for those who like storm watching. A trip to the coast of Oregon is perfect for the family.

The view at the Steens Mountains is just breathtaking. It’s perfect for hikers who want to travel Eastern Oregon. The snowy location for such an activity would be Mt. Hood. I could easily imagine Frodo and his party going through this trail on their quest. With some song and dance on the way down the mountain.

Many parks in Oregon would make the perfect villages for the elves. The most beautiful would be the Crater Lake National Park. The water is so deep and blue that the reflection of Mt. Hood makes a fantastic picture. It also helps that the weather in Oregon is mostly sunny. Taking pictures in this state is well worth the visit for any photographer.

At the end of the trilogy, Frodo has to take the ring to Mordor to destroy it. The perfect location to film this scene would have been the John Day Fossil Beds. The hills are painted with streaks of red on their sides. It would be a perfect place for the Orcs to march through and the Oliphaunts to trample the earth.

Thankfully, one need not travel to New Zealand to enjoy the beautiful things nature has to offer. There is one fantastic state right in America that offers similar beauty and breathtaking sightseeing. Oregon is definitely worth a visit.