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Cool Places to Visit in Oregon
Cool Places to Visit in Oregon
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The mention of Oregon would elicit pictures of nature and the great outdoors in one’s mind. There are definitely many wonders of nature that are worth exploring in this state. Much of its beauty has been preserved well throughout centuries of technological advances and industrialization. Here, you can enjoy many outdoor activities along the coast or inland. If you’re up for hiking, skiing or just sightseeing, there are many cool places to visit in Oregon just for those.

Let’s start right in your car. If you enjoy a good drive on a long and curved road with a scenic view of surrounding greens, the Columbia River Highway is a fascinating route to Columbia River. It has been dubbed the King of Roads for a good reason. Driving through this gorge is definitely a very unique experience.

When you think of Japan, the famous image that comes to mind is Mt. Fuji and its reflection on a lake. Mt. Fuji is the most-climbed mountain in the world, Mt. Hood is the most-climbed mountain in the United States. Mt. Hood is the highest peak in Oregon. It is snowcapped all year round and is nicely reflected on the serene waters of Trillium Lake. Mt. Hood is within a national forest that is open to everyone for camping and exploration.

Time has left a beautiful and artistic mark on Oregon in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. You can see the smooth surfaces of layers of colors that have been preserved as fossils since the era of the sabre-tooth tigers. It is a huge park replete with specimens from the Cenozoic era.

You don’t have to travel outside the continent to have a wildlife safari experience. There’s a safari in Winston that is home to more than 500 animals living in the wild. These animals are from all continents across the globe, including the giraffe, cheetahs and hippopotamus. Although Oregon is not their natural habitat, you can see how these animals are thriving in the wild part of the Northwest. I’m just not sure how they get through the winter. It would be cool to observe their life in a totally foreign land instead of in the African bushes.

What would Oregon be without the mention of Crater Lake? It is a lake and a park that offers many outdoor activities. The fascinating part about this area is the amount of snow that stays in place long after winter has passed. The place is covered in snow from October to June. It is literally a cool place to visit in Oregon.